Ratna Roy, Ph.D.

In addition to teaching dance in the Expressive Arts department of The Evergreen State College, Dr. Roy also teaches literature (American and Asian). She received her Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon, Eugene in 1972.

At Evergreen she was instrumental in instituting a highly popular one-quarter undergraduate full-time (16 credit) course in Dance Ethnology. Dr. Roy, who has chosen Orissi, or Odissi, as her medium, is one of a rare breed of dance performers who are also research scholars. Her research in dance have been centered on "Dance Education," "Self-Empowerment Through Connection with the Body," "Dance as a Healing Process," "Storytelling Through Dance," "Dance as a Political Voice," and "Dance Choreography in the 21st Century." She is at present completing her second book on Orissi dance.

Her many years of research and writing on the subject of dance have enhanced her understanding of dance as an art form and means of expression, which has greatly influenced her approach to performance. It has also increased her already great love and appreciation of all forms of Classical Indian Dance, and Orissi Dance and Oriya culture in particular.

Dr. Roy. wears many hats. Learning Classical Indian dance since the age of four, she has been performing on stage for almost as long, her love of learning extended beyond dance. While working on her Ph.D. in English Literature, she brought two beautiful children into the world, and raised them while teaching college.

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